seed cleaning and sanitizing / insect eggs!

wildpersimmonsNovember 25, 2007

I have a decent collection of fruit and vegetable seeds from over the last summer, and I'm looking for a good way to make sure there's no more fleshy residue on them without damaging the seedcoats. My roommate suggested a rubbing alcohol or hydrogen peroxide but I'm concerned that these might prevent the seeds from germinating later.

The prominent issue at hand is that I've just noticed a couple sets of seeds (kiwi, kiwano, cherry) have some insect eggs (probably fruit fly) mixed with them in the paper I've stored them in. I'd like to simultaneously eliminate the eggs and clear off the residue that attracted them in the first place. Help!



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For most seeds your supposed to clean the seeds while they are fresh out of the fruit with trisodium phosphate or use a fermentation/grain alcohol soak cleaning off seed coats (simulates/completes the fruit ripening rotting cycle). Some seeds you clean with sulfuric. Its pretty seed dependent as to what kind of seed treatment you need. other seeds wont germinate until you do damage the seed coat or leach out the saponins and other inhibitors. At this point i'd suggest soaking them in a bit of diluted vodka overnight and seeing if you can rub them clean.

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