Terrace on North Side of Courtyard

merryp(9)January 26, 2014

Hello! I am moving to Barcelona, Spain and would like to grow as many vegetables as possible on my terrace. My question: What will and won't be possible for a nice vegetable and herb garden lasting as long as possible?

The the apartment I most love has a sizable terrace which is oriented northwest in the large courtyard for block buildings. I am told it has:
- 6 hours of direct sun from 1 pm to 7 pm in the summer months, June-September
- 4 hours direct sun in the late spring and early autumn
- 2 hours direct sun in the early spring or late autumn.
- No direct sun for 3-4 months (November-February).
The photo above was taken in December.

I am relatively new to urban gardening, having previously grown in the ground on the south side of my home in Michigan, with a much more limited growing season than I will have in Barcelona. I have read much on container gardening, but I am having trouble determining how limited I will be by the sun conditions for this north facing terrace.

Will I do alright, or should I strongly consider waiting for an apartment with a south facing terrace so that I can produce more food in more months? Thanks!

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That sounds like a pretty acceptable amount of sun to me. My garden faces north due to the location of our house, and I have not had a problem producing plenty of edibles. While I certainly don't have experience with your latitude, I'd go for it and see what you get, especially with the shade loving plants like lettuce. Good luck!

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