What can I plant in this shady corner? (pic)

gardenbug(8b)March 16, 2010

My trellis fence meets with the cedar hedge at the corner of my small backyard. There is about a 2ft. of open space where I can see into my neighbors yard so I'm trying to close it in. I want to plant something tall, with light colored flowers. It is a shady corner. Does anyone have any ideas? I've posted a pic to give you an idea. Maybe I can grow something in the clay pot? Thank you all for your help.

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It doesn't look all that shady from the photo :-) You could try hydrangea or clethra in the container. Both are happy in at least partial shade and come in white or pale colored forms.

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Hi gardengal,
Yes, that corner gets shady because of the cedars. I already have a hydrangea in the backyard so I really don't want another one. I looked up clethra and it's very pretty. I like the white flowers. I have always wanted a camelia. Would a camilia grow in that pot in the corner? Just a thought. Thanks gardengal, and I love all your ideas.

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I think I posted this twice. duh!
gardengal~ You said camelia would only work for awhile.

Any other ideas? please?

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ontnative(5b Can/USDA 4)

Unless you keep it well trimmed back, the cedar hedge will soon fill that narrow space. Why not plant something in your pot to climb on your trellis/partition? or have an obelisk in your planter for something to climb up? You could start with an annual vine to see if you liked the idea before switching to a perennial. If you decide on a perennial, I try to get a larger pot that you could just leave out for the winter (not clay as it will crack).

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Cadence, the camellia would for work only for awhile simply because it will soon outgrow the container :-) The other two shrubs suggested are smaller and more suited to container culture long term.

Daphne would be another thought. Daphnes are very amenable to containers - they like that sharp drainage containers offer and they are smaller sized shrubs. One of the summer blooming ones like D. x transatlantica 'Summer Ice' would give you pale flowers over a long season and amazing fragrance to boot!

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ontnative ~ Thank you for your suggestions. Yes, I'm planning to let that part of the cedar grow out to the fence to close it off. I still want to place something in the corner. I will be growing New Dawn climbing rose on the trellis. I really like your idea of the obelisk. I've never had one before. Also, thank you for reminding me about the clay pot cracking. I guess I'll have to purchase another pot.

Gardengal~ Thanks for explaining about the camelia. I love the Daphne! Oh so pretty. Would it be okay in my shady corner? I really like the delicate, fragrant light colored flowers. It would pretty against the cedars. I will look for it at the nursery.

Thanks again for taking the time to help me. I can hardly wait to get planting.

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