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aptgardenFebruary 26, 2014

Hi guys, just want to say how hard it is to keep houseplants alive and thriving during winter in an apartment with the constant barrage of dry radiated heat. Humidifiers and humidity trays galore! That being said I have a gardenia that seems to be suffering from a lack of iron but I wanted the communities opinion. I added some chelated iron this past Saturday but I see no change. Any suggestions?

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It is sort of disturbing that the yellowing is happening from the top first...

Lets check the obvious: Are you root bound? If you can, pull the plant from its container and take a look to see if the roots are growing within itself. If yes it might need a bigger home. If you can't move it to a bigger pot, try trimming the rootball. We do this to our indoor plants yearly (or when they need it). Photo attached from web to help!

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