Dutchman's Pipe vine

magicnificent(z8 EastTexas)November 16, 2006

I have been trying to find the seeds of the Dutchman's Pipe Vine for years and never find them. I let my flowers fall to the ground and wait until they are dried. Then, I look in the "pipe" and find nothing. Am I doing something wrong?


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I have never saved/found any seeds in my Dutchman's pipe vine, however I was left with two packs from a swap that I hosted in October. Can't attest to the viability of the seeds, but you are welcomed to a pack if you want one. At least we can see what they look like...maybe. Email me if you do.

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The Dutchman's pipe make an oblong pod/pouch when they make seeds, it is green, turning brown when it matures and splits open. I have seeds for A. clematitis and A. trilobata if you would like to trade for something. Stacy

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I have the tropical type, it is either A.elegans or A.durior. It was called Calico flower type by the nursery people. The bell of the flower is about the size of my open palm 3" cross or so. After the flower drops the seed pod forms and looks like an upside umbrella when open. I have tons of seeds if you want some email me through my page and I will send you some. I have the best luck with nature planting the seed but I think that is because you don;t plant them deep in the dirt. They do need moist rich soil.

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I don't know the species of my Dutchman's pipe. It has brown "pipes" and leaves with three well-defined lobes. I have not found any seeds inside the dried flowers either. But yesterday, I noticed many tiny (1/16 inch) seeds attached to the underside of some of the leaves. But I also found a small (3 inch) cucumber shaped pod but it doe not look mature yet.
I am going to try propagating some of the leaf seeds.

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