Finally a Site for me! Need Help!!

Rekha Anandkumar(9)March 30, 2006

Wow! I was wondering how I can get people to discuss small gardens and the very unique landscaping problems that go with it, and voila! I am very exceited to see this forum.

Now, to my situation: I bought a house last summer, it is a suburban house, very typical, about 5 years old (are they called tract houses?)

The problem is that people expect larger yards in a suburb and ours is pretty disappointing. Very narrow and long, the set up is something like this: The length of the plot on which the house sits is 50'. The house takes up most of it leaving 6' on one side and 4' on another side. On the back, there is a 8.75' by 26.75 ft (along the house) covered patio. 5' of this is concrete and the rest is brick. The next 5' is gravel with flagstone paths. Then comes an edging (metal) and some kind of metal wire arch fence about 2' high. Then there is a bed of sorts for the nect 3-4' to the fence. There are some banana trees and oleander, some vines. There is a similar bed touching the house on the other side next to the patio.

I did post on the landscaping forum and got some great advice, but I would like to see what people have actually done with their small spaces. My main aim is to make the space appear as large as possible and give it a wow factor that takes attention away from the size. Whenever someone visits us, I feel vaguly apologetic for having bought a house with practically no backyard. Please do help...


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I have a small surburban lot too. I couldn't afford a landscape designer or anything like that. I pretty much just planted what I liked to look at and built from there.
You have a great patio by the way.

I use a lot of pots.

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Here's another view.

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Rekha Anandkumar(9)

Wow! This does look is very heartening to see such a lovely garden in a small space. I too do not have the budget for professional landscaping, that is why I am hanging out here hoping to combine some ideas from others to make something workable in my yard. We do like the patio, esp in Houston, with all the warm days we can hang out here.
Thanks again for the pics!

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No problem crekha. I love sharing pics. I pretty much learned all my garden techniques here on garden web. Just check out the forums for the plants you want to plant and what will grow in your area. I know Houston gets pretty hot. As you can see I like flowers and I love vines. I pretty much hang out in the vine, rose and annual forum for tips and previews of flowers in the gallery.

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