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saoodhashimMarch 2, 2014

Hi There

I live in a building in Saudi Arabia which has a west facing open corridor. On the eastern side it has a wall 15 meters high and on the western side a 50 meters high.

At max this area receives around 2 hours of midday sunlight (in the high summer months of June / July and August) . I tried growing some veggies but they get too leggy.

I was thinking of ways to get in more sunlight and the easiest one was vertical gardening. But then vertical gardening will get me no improvement in the lighting conditions because of the high walls on both east and west of this passage

I even have given a thought to placing some mirror (aluminum foil to be precise since mirror would be heavy and expensive) tilted in a manner from the roof above the 15 meter wall so that light reaches this corridor.

Just to give you an idea of how the passage looks like I did a quick Google images search and found this.

Any inputs will be highly appreciated.



Here is a link that might be useful:

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You could also try some plants that love shade. Most of the fruit bearing plants wouldn't survive, but some of the plants grown for their leaves, including herbs like mint or thyme might be OK. In my climate I keep mint plants in a shaded box that gets about 2 hours of sunlight a day and they are the only thing I've managed to keep alive in that space.

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