Single color hollyhocks?

frances_in_nj(z6 NJ)December 31, 2004

Hi - I love hollyhocks, but in the past few years have been very disappointed in the colors I get from my self-sown ones, which are mostly light yellow, and some very pale beige-ish pinks. What I really love are bright pinks and roses, all the lovely red shades, and a few dark purple-blacks. I have tried re-newing my gene pool by introducing newly bought seed, but my colors don't seem to improve. I have tried buying plants from garden centers, but they just seem to finish blooming and then shrivel and die, without producing seed. I'd really like to be able to get hollyhock seeds by individual color, but cant find them. Can anybody give me a source for this? (Or is it impossible to get hollyhocks to come true to a single color?) My first choice would be singles, but I'd live with the doubles, too, if the colors were right. Many thanks!

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MudPlayingFamilysMom(z8b SC)

What about putting a "Wanted" post on the seed or plant exchange forum? That's where I've gotten my hollyhock seed. Can't tell just what they'll look like when they are blooming, though. Right now their just cozied up in their little containers waiting 'til they decide it's time to sprout. I hope you have luck finding them. I love a pretty hollyhock, too.

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I have some double burgundy if you're interested in them for postage (see my trade page for a picture-Alcea rosea). Someone also sent me some called "Show Stopping Red", which I had sown, but they haven't bloomed yet, so I don't know if they're red or not. I can't find any reference of that name on the internet. I have plenty left over to share. I also have plenty of "black" left over from last year/commercial purchase. I'd forgotten to sow those, but I'll be sowing some this year. You're more than welcome to them, along with anything else on my list, if you'd like to send a SASBE...

Here is a link that might be useful: Tracey_NJ6's Trade Page

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cttx31(7b TX)

Try this link:

They have a lot of individual colors of single hollyhocks. Packets are $2.50 but I couldn't figure out how many seeds are in a packet. However, they have some auctions on eBay and there is says the hollyhock packet has 50+ seeds, so I would assume all packets are around 50 seeds.

Carol T.

Here is a link that might be useful: Wuv'n Acres Gourden

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