How do you avoid the greedy redwood roots

nimapur(z9CA)March 20, 2008


Someone may have the same problem as I have, and may have already found a solution...

When I plant under the redwood tree, within a year, the roots from the redwood have come in the root zone of the new plant and formed a tight network to suck up all the nutrients that I am feeding the new plant. I am thinking of creating a raised bed on top of the existing soil under the redwood, to plant my next batch of plants - will that help or not?

Look forward to hearing about your experiences.

Thank you.

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Redwoods are not the only tree to do this, so the experience is not unique to people that garden with redwoods. The raised bed can help, but I'd also suggest putting some landscape fabric at the bottom of the raised area to help slow the growth of any tree roots up into the raised area.

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Thank you.

I have followed both of your suggestions. Now I am looking forward to a success :-)

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