Pepper seeds got wet

Shelia.M(7A)December 31, 2011

I was drying some ornamental pepper seeds on a plate, and it got tipped over and the seeds scattered everywhere. Most of them fell in an old litterpan I keep under my hanging baskets to catch dripoff. Are these seeds scrap now? Can I lay them out again to dry, or should I plant them right away since they got damp? I was hoping to gift the seeds to friends.

Thanks for any replies :D

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How long were they in there? If it was a quick oops, get them out and wipe them dry, they should be fine. If they were left in there awhile, it may have damaged them. Since it won't hurt to keep them and dry them again, do it. Then germination test them using the paper towel and baggie method. Hopefully, you'll still get good germination.

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