Container Gardening and planting seeds q.

nanaclaire(5b)March 29, 2013

I have two large containers I purchased last summer. I want to put soil inside and plant a lot of seeds, different kinds, then later transplant them as to where I want to plant them inside those containers and elsewhere. I was wondering should I put holes in the bottom and how many holes? Oh, and it sits on concrete.

One is 22.5", a whiskey resin barrel, as shown in picture. The other one is a bit smaller.

I am planning on buying one more similar to those. I was going to start the seeds inside, however we will be gone the middle of April for a week and it will interfere with starting them indoors, so decided I will do it after the last frost sometime in May, hopefully sooner than later :)

I also have a regular flower bed where I can plant those seedlings but many of them will be in those containers. I am planting zinnia, petunias, lavender, and maybe others.

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jll0306(9/ Sunset 18/High Desert)

They will need drainage anyway to be used as permanent pots, but you can use them as is for seed starting, just don't drench the soil to the full depth.

I'd put about 8 holes in the bottom, mine would be one eighth inch, because of my climate. I want slow drainage. Yours can be larger.

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I have one of these. I drilled one 1/4" holes all around the bottom perimeter and four 1/2" holes in the middle (slightly raised) section. Drains nicely.

I've taken my seeds to friends to water/mist while I'm gone. Better that than starting too late and shortening your growing season, especially since it doesn't sound like you're doing that many seeds. Just a thought.

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