weird things..maybe sum1 can help?

daniellalellDecember 20, 2007

OK, I was just outside getting some flower pots together..saw a loner in a flower bed grabbed it..went to stick my hand in to get out the ice and leaves and saw these right before I touched them..First thought was that they were some type of insect eggs, having that sac around them like they do. Posted on the insect forum, then realized while looking at the pic that a couple don't have the sac. This pot was laying next to a basil plant which now is covered with seed pods..SO I am wondering if these are basil seeds? Do they get this weird sac when they get wet or something? Sorry for the large pix but I thought it would be better to see what I am talking about..

Any help would be appreciated..



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My first instinct would be frog eggs, but there aren't seeds in a translucent casing that I can think of except lychee

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fish eggs had crossed my mind, but this was never in the pond..I have never seen frogs in my yard, though I would love that. It's def not lychee, I don't have any.
Thank you for your opinion.

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O I think they may be salamander eggs? I posted in the reptile & amphibian forum..I hope I didn't kill them.
thank you

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I think you're right that they are basil seeds. I started many types of basil from seed last year, and some of them seemed to have a gel coating that expanded like that when they were germinating.

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Thank you bitterwort! I noticed today with all the ice melted outside, that now there are many more all over around the basil plant, the pot, and the ground all around it. Plus if you look in the pic you can see that the one looks as if it is coming out of the seed pod that fell off the plant. Darn, I was really starting to hope I had salamander eggs, lol.
Thank you very much!

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