ID'd a couple more of my mystery roses!

westseattledebAugust 5, 2010

Found a couple of tags when digging around the bases of two of them...


Montezuma Grandiflora

And...some of the mystery roses...

I'm amazed at how beautiful they are despite years of neglect. Can't wait to see them next year after some much needed TLC.

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kstrong(10 So Cal)

The fourth unidentified one -- the small red with about 10 petals appears to be Dr. Huey, which is a rootstock sucker, and should be gotten rid of. Yank it out (don't cut it off, that only encourages it). If it is attached to or near a different rose that is still growing, and if you continue to let it grow, it will eventually kill the other rose by stealing all the energy away from the plant grafted to those roots. If there's nothing living in that general vicinity, I would still get rid of it -- it's a disease prone once-a-year bloomer that is not worth the effort to care for it.

As for the others, the red and the pink could be anything -- there are too many red and pink roses out there to even make an educated guess. Dig around some more and see if you can find more tags -- happens all the time that they are somewhere in the dirt nearby. For wild a__ guesses at the others, how about Rio Samba for the yellow-orange and Bride's Dream for the very light pink?


p.s. Oh all right -- I'll take a stab at the other two also -- how's about Mr. Lincoln for the red (intoxicating scent -- is it there?), and Miss All American Beauty for the first of the two pinks. But that last pink bud's gonna hafta open before we can even guess at that one.

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the_bustopher z6 MO

I'll throw my 2 cents worth in. The yellow one might be Rio Samba, but other possibilities are Glowing Peace and Sunsation. The light pink one could also be Royal Highness because of the shiny leaves or even Pearl Essence. The purplish one, next to last, might be Heirloom. Please check for a fragrance on the 3d picture, the red rose.

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iris_gal(z9 CA)

Another guess for your pastel pink is Sweet Afton.

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If these are really "old" roses, that yellow blend one could be the floribunda CIRCUS. And I agree with Kathy on the DR HUEY one. The mauvey one below it looks like INTRIGUE. If it smells really good, it probably is. And again I agree with Kathy on the last one. Need to see a more open bloom. The light pink one I tend to agree with Bustopher on the ROYAL HIGHNESS. But I doubt if it's PEARL ESSENCE.

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Thanks! Everyone on this forum is so nice, and very helpful. Sad to hear that the little deep red is root stock sucker and should be removed :( I hate killing anything...

I think the potential IDs on some of the others may be right on. Will probably be able to tell better next season once they're healthier and more in form.

The deep red is heavily scented, with velvety petals and long stems, so could very well be Mr. Lincoln. Looked up Circus, and and it seems to be descriptive of the yellow/orange/red one, with slightly glossy leaves, and spicey fragrance. The purple is heavily scented and looks a lot like Intrigue. As for the pale pink, Royal Highness also seems like a pretty good guess, with the dark glossy leaves and strong fragrance.

I love roses that display not only beautiful blooms, but also wonderful fragrance.

Lucky for me, whoever planted these was of a similar mindset.

Thanks again for your help!


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All very pretty but that last one, the just opening bud, was gorgeous. Reminded me of Mr. Lincoln's coloring in the spring. Love it.


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