Ipomea (Morning glory)

ifraser25(z11 Brazil)December 19, 2011

I saved some seed of Ipomea caerulea (the sky-blue one)about 6 months ago and sowed it in the garden about 6 weeks ago - after the first Spring rain. We have a subropical climate. I didn't want to do it earlier as the "winter" is very dry. None has germinated. Morning glory grows like a weed here generally. Is it because I kept the seed too long?

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No, Ipomoea seeds last quite a long time. They do however have a tough outer shell so it is often recommend to EITHER soak them in warm water for 24 hours OR nick or lightly sandpaper the seeds before planting. Without doing that, they may take some time to germinate. So you may eventually see plants pop up in the vicinity that you planted them. I prefer to start in pots and transplant while still small.

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