Lillypod seeds,

debraq(z7LI*NY)December 10, 2005

On my Stella D'Oro lilly, the pods had small black shiny seeds. But my Stargazer Lilly, when their pods turned brown and opened , it only looked like brown pieces of paper.

Of course I saved both, but are they viable?

I am addicted to collecting seeds, but don't always know if what I am collecting are truly seeds.Is there a good book available to help me identify seeds?

Sometimes the seeds are so obvious, but othertimes I can't locate them on the plants.

All advice and help will be greatly appreciated.

Am still kinda new to this site, so thanks in advance.

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What you describe in this thread are the seeds. Do a search for each of the plant names and click on images - I just found pictures of seeds for the stargazer.

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Thank you so much.You have now added to my addiction and no plant will be safe from me on Long Island!lol :)

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teacher417(z6 SW MO)

I've had SUPER SUCCESS with Stella d'oro lily seeds...they don't always hold true to the original plant, though. Not that it bothers me, I'd drive a structured gardener crazy with my haphazard planting! : ) Good luck,

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