Squash on raised bed/partial shade?

glitterbunsMarch 17, 2013

Husband and I have a small, mostly concrete back yard with a magnolia tree; after measuring we think we might be able to build two raised beds around the magnolia.

One of the raised beds would be 140cmX70cm (which is roughly 4ft7inX2ft3in). So I'd like to know if we could grow summer or winter squash in them; and if so how many seedlings we could plant.

Thanks in advance!

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Not trying to be negative, but I believe you will have a difficult time growing any type of squash in inadequate sun.

Also, my biggest concern is that it may be detrimental to the magnolia tree if you construct a raised bed around the trunk. This very likely would suffocate the feeder roots for the tree.

Maybe I've misread the post and your intentions? If so, the link below may help you pick a veggie for your shade/part sun site.


Here is a link that might be useful: growing veggies under trees

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I should've mentioned that the measurements were worked around visible roots, and with plenty of space between the trunk and the raised bed! terribly sorry :) In any case, IF it's a sensible idea to try raised beds near it, what precautions should we take?

Our other option would be to build them over the concrete, but is that even possible? I'm guessing there'd be little to no drainage.

We do get some sunlight but because of the tree and the houses next to us it's not enough for squash or tomatoes. I read elsewhere that squash did grow alright in shade but thought I'd ask before making mistakes.

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