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lexie1397March 20, 2006

Hello All!!

I am brand new to this forum, so if information has already been given on any of my questions please direct me to the right place!

I'm looking to replace my decorative houseplants with something a little more functional/edible. I'm in a small apartment and only have a little bit of window sill space so I can only really get about an 8" pot (10" if it balances right!) on the sill.

I currently have a small rosemary plant, some peppermint if I can revive it, and I've popped some onion sets in a pot but they were a bit soft when they were given to me so I'm not really holding out much hope. I've thought about doing salad greens in one of those long planter boxes, but don't really know when/how/how dense to plant.

Anyone have any ideas... there has to be *something* edible I can plant!! :-)



PS. I apologize if this sounds familiar, I had a similar post that got deleted for some reason. Hopefully this one will stick around a bit longer.

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Oh my goodness, I'm so silly!

Just as I posted this I noticed my previous post just a few lines down. I scoured the list right before I posted and couldn't find it!!

I'm so sorry. Feel free to post on whichever you choose, I will read both (or whichever one takes off!)

So SO sorry...

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