Cardinal Climber Vine

think_flowersMarch 18, 2013

I've planted cardinal climber seeds in two locations. the first ones are in the front facing south (full sun) in hanging pots. The second batch are in the backyard in front of a trellised window, facing east (in-direct sun) due to shading from neighbors house. The flowers in the hanging pots have become 1/2 inch seedlings are seem to be doing well. I will await 5 days to see if my backyard seeds have germinated. I also allowed them to soak overnight.

in the same row I have some sweet peas sown. I am thinking it is warming up to fast for them. I hear they don't mature fast enough in spring sowing to beat the heat. It is already reaching the 90's. But we shall see...

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I think this vine needs sun.

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I grew cardinal creepers in SE TX ... morning sun until @10 then shade... it grew like weeds... and covered in blooms!!!

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