Evergreen trees for screen

thedagdaMarch 16, 2010

Keeping in mind my property is shaded by huge oaks, I'd like to plant fast growing evergreens to block the neighbor's house. I planted Hinoki cypress in a line last year and though it's too early to tell, they look good but not as dense as I hoped. I want to continue the line this Spring and considered Canadian Hemlock. Is the Wolly Adelgid problem still a factor? The guy at the nursery said it is under control (he would say that wouldn't he?). If the Hemlocks are a no-no, any suggestions? Long Island's east end in the shade with lots of deer.

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Woolly adelgid is still very much an issue with eastern hemlocks in much of the country, especially the east coast. Hinokis won't be very dense in a lot of shade - depending on specific cultivar, they are not necessarily dense in full sun. A very sculptural looking tree, often with wide spacing between branches. Yew is a classic shade evergreen but not fast growing. You might try Japanese aucuba (Aucuba japonica) or English laurel (Prunus laurocerasus). Both are quite shade tolerant, broadleafed evergreen shrubs and will grow more rapidly than most conifers.

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