Need Privacy Screen from Busy Road

roccolMarch 8, 2007

Hello I live in Northern Jersey on a busy road. I currently have a row of cherry laurel shrubs(small) and behind them I have Emerald Green Arbs. The Arbs were a very poor suggestion by the Landscaper unfortunately. I have two Large old Oaks that hover over this area so it is partially shady in the summer. The Arbs do get sun, but certainly not full sun. The Arbs are ok, but they are not thriving in this area and get beat up from the road salt every year. I was planning on moving the Arbs to my yard where they will do great.

However, I need something to replace them with. I have considered Leylands, Green Giants, Eastern redcedar, and Hemlock. Am I on the right path here? I really need a good screen that is visually appealing all year long. Obviously there is a lot working against it here. But I do have a sprinkler zone for the trees. Water will not be a problem. Obviously there is much more sun in the winter:) Thanks for your help.

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I would go with the Eastern redcedar (Juniper?). On the island in the middle of my cul-de-sac are three junipers. They have been there probably over 20 years and are huge. The road salt does not both them.

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Anyone know where I can buy these in Northern NJ or online? I want to start at 6 ft

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I've pretty much "greened" out my neighbors. We love privacy. So I have thought and researched this issue a great deal. I am a southern gardener, so I don't know how much this will help you.

The real question is how much summer sun will these plants get. Without knowing exactly how much sun this area gets, it is difficult to recommend anything.

Eastern red cedar is a full sun tree, as are Leylands and Aborviteas (arboviteas will take more shade than Leylands.

Some hollies will tolerate shade, especially part shade. I would find out which shade tolerant hollies do best in your area.

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