Bird feeders on NYC balconies?

BonariensisApril 7, 2011

I just moved to a New York City apartment with a balcony on the 15th floor. Are there any NYC balcony gardeners who can share advice on whether bird feeders are an option (or even birdhouses, where small species could lay eggs)? Can you attract other birds without it becoming a den of pigeons?

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I'd ask my building manager. There may be rules against it. Bird poop and its detrimental effect on buildings is a big problem, and they don't usually like to encourage birds to roost on buildings.

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If there is a balcony below you, you will run into problems with cast off seeds, poop, but if it's open below, you can probably get away with just feeding if you a few. Why not just try it and see if you can manage to keep it under control. I wouldn't encourage nesting.

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