Some of my favorite urban gardens...

alison(6b/OH)April 20, 2010

One of the only reasons I got a cell phone was to have a camera to take pictures of pretty things I see on my daily walks. I thought I'd start this thread to share some of the pretty gardens I see. Feel free to post some of your favorites, too!

I thought I'd start with a bit of the garden we've put in at work. Right now we have lilacs, irises and perennial alyssum blooming. Watching the birdbath is always a great way to waste time!

I came across this pretty little side garden right downtown a few weeks ago. Only about 15 feet wide, but crammed with dogwoods and azaleas. Gorgeous on a cool, overcast day.

Across the street is the Deaf School Topiary park, with it's enormous recreation of Seurat's painting Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte. It's really cool to be able to "get inside the painting" and walk around it, getting different perspectives.

And this is simply my neighbor's front yard. What looks like a mass of green behind the phlox is all sorts of flowers that reveal themselves over the course of the summer. It's really spectacular in a teeny space!

More as the spring goes on!

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I'm glad you started this thread! It's always inspirational to see what people grow and how they design their small spaces. Those are lovely pics.

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For some reason my little cell phone camera is taking blurry pictures, but I did get one nice one this week. Talk about making a virture of necessity.... the "planter" covers a utility box.

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Another great garden I saw on my morning walk -- while my new neighborhood is not as chock-a-block with great gardens as my old -- there are some definite gems.

I'll be watching this one thru the seasons!

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Thanks, Alison, for posting these. I was just going to start a thread (in one of the forums, I'm not sure which would be most appropriate) because I wanted to see garden spaces with all the plants relatively low to the ground. And lo and behold, here are some beautiful ones! (Though not all of these are using shorter plants.) Please keep the beautiful photos coming!

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tobyisrnewfie(5b/6a Metro-Detroit)

These are beautiful!!! More, please!

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