Hardy hibiscus; Blue River II seeds and Luna

radovanDecember 11, 2007

This past Summer (07) I bought some Blue River II hardy hibiscus and Luna Red and Luna Blush hibiscuses. All of them produced many, many seeds. I couldn't wait any longer and I planted some of them 12 days ago. Yesterday I noticed them growing like a weeds. Seeing that I got an urge to plant all of seeds, which I did today.

Now, Question; what should I do to make those young fragile plants from getting to leggy, to tall and fragile. How to slow them down. I want them to take their time until better weather comes until April. I am afraid they might die latter on.

Please guide me step by step bcs I really need your input.

The room where I grow them is 24/7 under artificial light and temperature is at about 25/26* Celsius.

Thanks to all, Radovan

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I think you should lower the temp to about 20* and the lights should just be about 4" from the top of the seedling. Seedlings get leggy in low light and high temps

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heavenlyfarm(zone 6b)

Make sure you give them some time with the lights off as they need to rest for a period just like humans. 15 hours of light I think is the most they should get a day. The most critical in my opinion is the position of the lights though. Good Luck!!

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