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hbf_46April 11, 2014

I am just starting out trying to grow some vegetables in 5gal 2gal and tub containers. My question can I grow tomatoes in a 2gal bucket? maybe 2 plants per container?also is it possible to grow cantaloupe, beets, summer squash, and peas in 5 gal. buckets?? Like I said this is all new to me. please bear with me on the questions. I do have a lot of seedlings already gearminated. but don't want to get to many going. Thank you for your help! good luck to everyone trying the same thing. Harold.

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2 tomato plants in a 2 gallon bucket would live, but would probably not produce anything because their roots would be very overcrowded. Most people would recommend one tomato plant per 5 gallon bucket, depending on the variety. About the same for cantaloupe and squash, although the summer squash might produce with two to a container. Your peas and beets should do better in the smaller containers. A lot depends on which variety of plant you have for the larger plants. Some varieties are bred to do better in containers.

You could also repost your question in the Vegetable Gardening forum. It's much more heavily trafficked and lots of people there grow in containers. You'd be sure to get some other opinions.

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Oh no Lily, I'm growing tomato plants on top of a most unusual place, my air conditioner. As you can imagine the container isn't very big or deep. I didn't want it to be too cumbersome to frequently move when needed or possibly too heavy for the a/c.

They're loving the light over there and are growing quickly. I see a few buds on two plants and one has two flowering ones. I hope they all produce fruit and what you just said I was afraid of since I knew the containers would be too shallow.

The two bigger plants are Early Girl and Beef Steak, the other two smaller plants are both Big Boy. I also have a small Cherry tomato plant (I misplaced the stick w/ the name) by itself in another window. I think I'll repot that one from the original store bought container.

I'd just be happy no matter the size if any of them bear fruit, any amount. I'm not looking for huge amounts either since it's just me and I would likely give away a lot of them anyhow.

Just hoping for the best, so please don't crush my hopes you experienced

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I planted summer squash in a pot a little smaller than 5 gal and it wasn't a complete disaster, but it certainly wasn't a success. The squash wanted to spread out way more than it was able to.

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