What can I plant here to fill the space ?

Jersey_Jack(Central, NJ)April 8, 2005

I'd like to plant something along the fenceline (picture one) that will also thrive in the shade that comes in around noon (picture 2) and serves 2 purposes. The trees are Norway spruce, are limbed up around 15-20 feet. The area in question recieves about 3-4 Hours of morning sun but remains bright for a few more hours after

Here's what I'd Like (Aside from them being cut down)

1) Fill in the space above the fence (about 6 feet above) to create a privacy hedge/screen 2) Do this in a realtivly fast time period of 2-3 years. I'm thinking about Nellie R. Stevens Holly since it seems to be a fast grower, would reach the desired height, could be sheared as a hedge and is evergreen. Other options I've read about is using clumping bamboo such as Fargesia murieliae 'Umbrella Bamboo'. Although not as invasive as running bamboo, it seems that it would eventually get wider than i'd probably like. I'd be open to Trees (Redbud, Dogwood?) if i could get some hieght and canapy spread within a few years. I'd like to keep the width of the plant to 3 feet or so away from the fence to preserve space. Since a deciduous tree could be limbed up to the fence line, it would not apply.

I posted a similar message in the design forum, but realized it may be better here. Thanks



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cstaas(z5 MA)

I have a similar area. Fence is 4', and a row of hemlocks have been limbed up to about 15". I had originally planned to put some nice full rhodies, etc. there and grow a tall shrubby understory, but the darn squirrels have systematically broken to bits every single one I've put in the last 2 springs. Hundreds of dollars of damage and dead shrubs, since i bought the biggest ones I could afford to fill the space faster. So..the "new" plan is to put lattice panels up between the trees all along the row. Perennial plants seem safe, it's only early spring that they rip and break and destroy the shrubs. So I'm thinking some vines maybe on the trellis.

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