birds & window boxed tomatoes

brklyngrlMay 16, 2011

so, my tender little tomato seedlings suffered a massacre over the weekend -- at the hands (beaks?) of birds!

this winter/spring we installed window boxes onto our windows in order to increase the amount of flora we're exposed to & to give growing our own food in our NYC apartment a shot.

i planted tomato seeds, grew beautiful little seedlings, and planted the tomato babies in the window box. within a week, the birds had found them & eaten them.

around each window box i've set up fishing line to deter birds. the line floats 2 inches above the boxes and is strung between two bamboo skewers. this was in-place before the bird attack.

does anyone have any other great methods for keeping birds away? preferably none too ugly?

(on a happier note, the lettuces, cilantro, snow peas, sunflowers, kale & sweet peas are thriving!)

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It is wonderful for me to hear the someone in the busy NYC is planting a garden. I have 3 children. They have all experienced growing plants from seeds. When I read your post my mind took me back to when my youngest planted a seed and the same thing happened to "FRED"-the name she had given to her plant. We had a spinning flag, those kid toy spin wheel fans with a stick. We put that right beside the plant. It did work.

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jll0306(9/ Sunset 18/High Desert)

You could also cover your plants with green tulle until the birds no longer find them to be tender and juicy temptations...they will lose their appeal as they take root and grow.

However, window boxes are too small for many varieties of tomatoes. Do you know what yours were?


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