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gardenway(z6 KY)December 14, 2006

Wild aster seeds were given to me (don't know what kind it is, except purple flowers, curly leaves, quite tall and bushy, is what I think she said) - looks like dried up flower head, no fluff at all - are there actually any seeds I wonder. Do I plant the whole thing or break apart.

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Hi Gardenway,
Asters seeds are attached to the fluff like you're thinking. Either they all blew away before she went to collect them, or the flowers she is calling asters are actually something else.
If you had a photo, it would be easier to possibly tell.
When you have flowerheads with seeds in them, a bit of breaking apart when planting is good.

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gardenway(z6 KY)

remy - thanks.
I'll ask her what happened to the fluff! She sent them from RI and seemed certain the plant was an aster of some kind, but doesn't mean she wasn't wrong.
Also, she said curly petals, not leaves as I said previously.

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