Advice: Container planting companion plants

maybornstarMay 4, 2011

Hi! I'm new here. I'm just getting started and wondering if someone can help me.

I was inspired by a program I saw on television about having a container garden indoors. I had to go before the show was over though and I don't even remember the name.

What I recall was that this person had a container garden indoors on her windows, on shelves and on her patio.

At present, I have 7 windows and a small balcony.

What I also remember was a discussion about companion planting. This woman on the TV put a whole bunch of plants into each pot. Each pot looks so voluptuous. It reminded me of those window boxes I've seen that look like they're overflowing with flowers and vines, except these were vegetables and herbs.

In one pot I recall she had a tomato plant, peas, some carrots, herbs (I think basil) and a marigold. All growing from one small pot. But she said they don't compete for nutrients and for root space. And that it was thinking of a container as 3 dimensional and underground not just the fullness on top.

That was amazing because she said she harvests a lot from these combined plants, saves space and water, etc.

I would like to do something similar but I'm new to it. I started some seeds already and I know it's late sort of-- but I'd like to still give it a try as practice and maybe by next year I will have learned some things.

So my questions are these:

#1. What are good companion vegetable/herb/edible flower plants for growing inside? I googled it and found some ideas but does anyone have any tried and true combination of several plants?

#2. What are some good small plants? I read bush beans are better indoors and dwarf plants that are smaller but yield almost full size fruit/vegetables.

#3. What kinds of food/edible plants grow okay in low sun or cooler temperatures indoors? My kitchen window doesn't get much sun and I live in the North East so although the summer is hot, the spring/fall is cooler.

Thank you.

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I've been growing radishes pretty much everywhere. Generally they seem to be ready for harvest before the main plants are big enough for their to be any competition.

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Things in the Allium family can cohabit with tomatoes ... so you can grow onions (smaller varieties would probably be better), chives and such underneath them.

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