Please help with first raised garden/bugs

mari66May 25, 2012

Hello every one !! I have been away for several months--BTW my Jades are doing very well in the gritty mix-and with all great info I learned here---thanks to you --

This is the first time we are using a raised bed veggie garden- -my grand daughter (Katelynn) and I started most seedlings in doors--just planting now- this is some of the problems she is having and I have no clue how to help her--

She wrote:

GB is full of worms which is good but it also has some white small beetle looking bugs that live under the u have any idea what these bugs are?? They are tiny and don't seem to be doing damage...yet. I tried to google them but came up with nothing. Also have been seeing little bright green flies all over all the plants, flowers included. Thought they might be aphids but aphids don't fly? Hmmm..if u know anything about bugs please help me out. The only thing I know is that I hate bugs!!!

I am going to have her join as you guys are great and did so much for me- Thanks Mari

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hookilau(long island NY)

I know this is an old post & you've probably already found out by now, but I thought I might reply in case anyone else had the same questions...

The white wormy things you're finding just under the soil are grubs. I'm pretty sure they turn into japanese beetle type beeltes that will eventually eat the leaves & basically become pets.

They fly around in June & get stuck in your hair, blick. You can by milky spore stuff to innoculate your soil to get rid of them.

The flying green things have me stumped :) Good luck and I also don't tolerate creepy crawlies well, so I feel your pain :)


Here is a link that might be useful: all about grubs

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