Schizophragma hydrangeoides roseum

kelly922April 29, 2013

Would like to plant in a shady area against our house...but worried about what will happen when we re-paint our house in the future. (We have aluminum siding) I have a decorative iron lattice in place - but is that enough and will it attach to the house underneath the lattice?

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This climber will not attach to slick surfaces, like aluminum siding - it needs a textural surface for the rootlets to adhere to - wooden siding, tree bark, a fence. You can use the iron lattice for support but you will have to manually attach the hydrangea to it. And unless it is a BIG trellis, a happy climber will rapidly outgrow it. They get to be 40' or more!

ps. I though the whole advantage to aluminum siding was that it didn't need painting.......just wondering :-)

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No aluminum siding doesn't have to be painted ever (key words "doesn't HAVE to"). I just wanted to. I didn't choose the siding - it was there when we bought our house 20 yrs ago and it's fine but I've gotten bored a couple times with the color since that a change was fortunately possible.
Thx again for your advice gardengal!

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