AHHHHH, prechilled bulbs from ebay!

SongCried(z6 STL, MO)January 31, 2005

Hey ya'll...I'm so happy, telllin everyone.... i'm a new GW member... been lurkin 4 some time now... a just had to share this.

I'd saw someone on GW had made a purchase and reference to buyin bulbs on ebay...

So, i decided to check them out...

got my ordar last week... THEY SHIPPED THE SAME DAY I PAID! AND.... they all look great.. PRECHILLED DAFFDIL BULBS... they all healthy with the tiny green tips showin..., reallly big and firm just like the ones i ova paid for at the Hilltop nursery... which where i usually get mine from in Fenton, which is a long way from where i live... they came right to my door... even got some freebies!

I neva would have had the courage to buy them if it wasn't for the gutsy folks on GW...

just wanted to say thanks to all of u guys who give us lurkers the extra push to do somrthing out of our comfort zone

I may even gbuy some more... just wahted to say thanks again... u guys rock!!!!!!!

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Clare(z6 MO)

Get then in the ground or pots right away so that they can make some roots!

Hilltop Nursery. Seems like I've heard of that. What road is it on? I'm in St Louis.

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