Phlox divaricata and P. stolonifera

donnaroyston(z7a VA)April 27, 2012

My phlox stolonifera has been spectacular this year, P. divaricata not so much.

I wonder what has been everyone's experience, comparatively speaking, in what conditions are best for these two plants? I'm trying to decide why one did so much better than the other. Richer soil needed, perhaps? Does the wild sweet William need more light than creeping phlox?


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How very odd that you say this. My Phlox divaricata was also a bust this year and last year it was fabulous. I don't have the other so I can't compare.

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donnaroyston(z7a VA)

Maybe the unusual weather was a partial factor--getting warm so early and then going back to more typical spring weather.

I'll have to do a little experimentation and try the phlox in more locations, to see what brings out the best in it.

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