Where can I buy metallic shade mesh?

luis_prApril 30, 2007

I have some shade plants (azaleas, hydrangeas) that are telling me that they are getting too much sun now (hail killed several branches of a crape myrtle above). I was going to buy some type of metallic mesh that can protect them from sun while permitting water to go through. Does that type of thing exist out there? Is there a place locally that might sell this? What about mail order / Internet companies? Since I have to wait for the crape myrtle branches to grow, umbrellas suggested by some people are not going to work.

TIA, Luis

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jz500(5 NW PA)

Hi Luis,

I am racking my brain here! I am wondering, would window screen material work? I think maybe 2 layers would give you shade and would be easy to work with. Maybe??? I know you can buy that in large rolls at HD and Lowes.

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knottyceltic(S/W Ontario 5b)

Go to TSC or any hardware store and ask to look at the construction cloth or some places call it hardware cloth. It comes is several gauges (bigger or smaller holes between the wire), it is very strong ie. birds can land on it and it won't bend like chicken wire and would just require bending it into a square and twisting a top on it made of the same material OR if you have more energy a small frame to staple-gun the hardware cloth to it. Strapping wood is very cheap and would do for the project you are talking about.

southern Ontario, CANADA

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