Help! two shaded beds - North and West side of the house

mklmkl12842April 9, 2013

I have two small beds I need some help on! - 1) One on the back of the house facing NNE, and 2) one on the left side of the house facing WNW. Our house faces SSW.

Deer resistant plants would be wise choices for our garden.

1) on the back of the house facing NNE

This is a very narrow bed (2ft deep I would guess) between concrete walkway and the wall with large window. It gets no direct sunlight, but but doesn't feel too dark maybe because it opens to the sky and light reflects from the white siding. There is a small area where Pachysandra is doing well, to the right of that is AC unit, and to the right of that about 10ft wide. I am a total newbie but the area is fairly damp/wet, so not dry shade. Currently there are only two astillbes there that grew about 1-2ft tall. Foliage was good, but it had only 2-3 flowers per plant. I am dividing them soon to see if that helps - I doubt previous owner did much to it at all.

What else can I plant here? Do I need some foundation plant? It looks awfully empty in the winter so some evergreen + other perennials would be nice I think. But not a lot of space. Also it has large window on that wall, so I rather not plant something that will block the view too much. So something shorter than 3-4 ft ideally. I could plant something taller in the corner where it is just wall.

2) on the left side of the house facing WNW

This bed is on the back NW corner of our house. No direct sunlight in AM at all, but around 2-3pm (depending on the season) it starts getting direct sun but only for a couple of hours. There are no trees between us and the neighbor on that side of the house so it gets direct sun until the sun is blocked by the neighbor's house. The soil is moist.

When we moved in there wasn't anything there (except for the weeds..), and last fall we planted a yew in the corner (where it doesn't get any direct light all day, and a winter gem boxwood mid way of the bed. Both are doing well so far although i haven't seem it go through all seasons yet.

What can I plant here? I have an Azalea bush in the front lawn that possibly needs to be moved, would it do well here? What about Hydrangea? What else can I grow here?

I know some are going to suggest hostas, but I am not sure if it a losing battle with the deer. I am putting in a new fences but won't be high enough to keep them out. We prefer no high maintenance plants since we are a couple working full time with a toddler and another one on the way...

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Some shrubs i grow in partial shade that the deer haven't bothered around my house:

Deutzia Chardonnay pearls


false Cypress


How about some
tradescantia, st john's wort, foam flower, toad lily.

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I'm growing spirea in partial shade and its in full bloom now.

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