Dorm Gardening

staticembraceMay 4, 2013

All of my life I have had a love affair with plants. My mom worked in a nursery as i was growing up and I'm had a personal garden since I was old enough to dig in the dirt and water petunias. Back home I have a potted mother-in-law's tongue, a fern, and a spider plant to go along with my huge fruits/veggies/flowers garden, but now that I'm living in a dorm in central Minnesota gardening has become a non option. To be honest, without my plants I've been pining away. So I've decided that I want to garden inside. If I go another year without plants I feel like I might die. Do you have any suggestions to more interesting things that can survive indoors. I'm not new to gardening itself, just the keeping it indoor part. Any other tips or tricks would be infinitely appreciated. I think/hope this is the right place for this but if not could you direct me to the appropriate location to post this?
Thanks so much

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How about looking at the house plant forum? Lots of help there.

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Ninkasi(6ish Germany)

I don't know if you have found an answer to your dorm room constraints, but if you are working strictly indoors on limited space, I would suggest african violets. They are a fun little challenge, don't require a ton of space, have lots of pretty varieties, and they are raised by a lot of really nice people. AV people are some of the nicest around, and it is really satisfying when your plant puts out new blooms. Just an idea!

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I do like orchids, air plants, and carnivorous plants, to name a few. You can supply their light needs from a window if you have a good spot, or else a single lamp. You are not having an entire indoor growing area so one lamp on a few plants may suffice.

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