Blooming maidenhair fern

justdoitnow(5)April 17, 2012

I have a maidenhair fern with a blossom. i did not realize that they do bloom.

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They don't. No fern has an actual bloom, but some like the cinnamon fern will send up a sterile frond that can be mistaken for a flower. But not the maidenhair. Either it isn't a maidenhair, or the flower belongs to something else that might have seeded and come up in the middle of it. Can you post a picture?


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Did you see the picture of the plant that I posted?

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Sorry, no picture showed up. Or link to one. Where did you post it?


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Are they fiddleheads? They can come up very fuzzy sometimes.

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It's not a maidenhair fern or any other kind of fern. It is Anemonella thalictroides or a type of woodland windflower.

The OP posted the photo in the Galleries section......hard to know anything was there to review without linking to it or at the very least, referring to it :-)

Here is a link that might be useful: link to photo of plant in question

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Gardengal is correct. It isn't a fern at all but an anemone, which is an ephemeral spring wildflower. The leaves are similar so I can understand your mistake. A very desirable woodland flower, it can make a lovely picture on the woods floor in spring but it completely disappers shortly after blooming, to return next early spring.

Maidenhairs don't come up until late April or early May depending on where you live. They have tiny threadlike fiddleheads and wiry black stems, can get to about 2' tall.


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