foundation planting

blanche1951(zone 8)May 10, 2007

I have a garden area across the front of our rancher (27 feet) and only 16 inches deep. It is against the foundation with a sidewalk on the other side of the area. Can someone show me with pictures what they may have done with such a spot or make some suggestions. thanks

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jenny_in_se_pa(USDA7 Sunset 32)

One of my sisters has a similar strip (although there is no sidewalk but a narrow level path along the side of the house on the otherside of the narrow strip with the other side of the path becoming a sharp slope that goes downwards towards her neighbor's row of yews that form a hedge). She had some blaze roses there (which she has since moved since she is re-doing her yard), but the idea of some sort of rose - particular shrub types - might be good.

Another sister has some inkberry hollies that generally fit in a similar narrow space behind a bed but almost right against the house. They were there when she moved in and on the end of the row is an arborvitae (which also stays fairly narrow).

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I have a small shady foundation garden along the side of my house that is about 12 inches wide with all sorts of things growing in it: 2 heuchera, 2 hosta, 2 clematis, anemone (windflower), lambs ear, dianthus, saxifrage, and 2 unknowns that I forgot the name of.

Where it wraps around to the front of the house and gets wider I have irises, daylilies, sedum and hens & chicks.

I'm heading out there just now to pot up a couple things for my mom and sister and do some weeding. I'll try and get some pictures while I'm at it... although being further north than you things are just starting to fill out and I have some blooms, but it's not at it's showiest.

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Hi again,

So I took some pics of my foundation planting (after I cleaned it all up of course). I also must make a correction because I measured... and they are 16 inches wide.

Have a great weekend!

Here is a link that might be useful: Kat872 - foundation beds

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blanche1951(zone 8)

Thanks everyone great ideas!!!!

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Beware you don't end up attracting termites. You will have to keep the area damp which is conducive to them moving in. If you amend the soil with wood based compost or mulch even more so. It was an expensive lesson to me after I ammended the soil with redwood mulch.

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Good point! We don't have termites up here so I never think of things like that...

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