side of house garden between house and sidewalk

geegirlJune 1, 2007

I have small 2-3 foot width garden that goes along the side of my house and on the other side of the garden is a sidewalk. I need an idea of a mixture of small evergreen shrubs and flowering plants that do not grow in width but can in height...any ideas for me?

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Hmm... can you tell us a little more about growing conditions? How much sun/shade does this area get? What growing zone/part of Canada are you in? How long is the strip? Is anything already growing there?

More info, please. :)

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Southern ontario next to detroit,michigan... area is the whole side of our garage about 1 1/2 car does not get daytime sun only around 4-4:30 it starts getting sun till sunset..right now i have one spirea shrub at each end, i need 3 small shrubs perferably an evergreen or even a tree, that will grow in height but only 2-3 feet wide because we still want to be able to walk on our sidewalk to get to the backyard.....

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I wonder if "Green Tower" boxwood would work for you? It's hardy to US growing zone 5 & is supposed to grow 9' tall & 2-3' wide. Otherwise, what about something like an ornamental grass? Karl Foerster "feather reed" grass comes to mind. Or maybe you could grow ivy up the side for evergreen color and then plant ferns/flowers in the bed?

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Suggestion: rudbeckia Goldsturm, blue fescue, coreopsis Moonbeam, yellow/golden cypress, should work. Echinacia (purpurea) may work. I use the others successfully with late afternoon sun.

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If you want height, then you may want to consider two types of junipers, Spartan and Skyrocket. Spartan is supposed to grow up to 20 tall and be 3-4' wide while Skyrocket would suit your needs even better, growing 10-15' tall but only 1-2' wide. Another tall and narrow evergreen is Sky Pencil holly, but I'm not sure if it is hardy enough for a Canadian winter. You'd have to check out the zones for it.

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