Plant for Eastern Facing Window Sill in NYC

Jeffrey SchneiderJune 30, 2008


I would like to plant something on my windowsill. I am looking for a plant that:

 Can stand up to direct Eastern exposure (no buildings blocking the morning sun)

 Is Modern/architectural

 With Year-round heartiness and interest on an NYC windowsill

Would anyone have any suggestions?

I am especially interested in Sedums or Grasses (the grass dying back in the Winter is okay).

Thank you!


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You might try Silky Thread grass (Nassella tenuissima). It's a good size for a window, looks nice all year (it just needs gently combed or raked out in the early spring), and can look sculptural in the right context. It looks *fabulous* when the wind blows. It's recommended more for the west than the east, but since you'll be growing in pots you could probably come closer to re-creating its preferred environment.

Here is a link that might be useful: Silky Thread grass

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