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fernsk(z2 Canada)June 27, 2006

I have just started planting a new garden bed - it is approximately 12 feet x 4-6 feet [kind of a peninsula shape - actually the top of the S that forms my sidewalk and patio] I would like this bed to feature LUPINS [I love lupins and they love my yard], the bed also has a Cherry bush that I'm trying to train into a tree form. I plan to include Globe Flower, Miniature Delphiniums, Bugbane - Brunette, Ajuga, a Japanese Painted Fern, some columbine and 2 small hostas. The area gets alot of sun but there are a few spots that have afternoon shade. Some friends have suggested roses and or hydrangeas and or peonies. I think that the peonies would take up too much "real estate" and I think that I need some later bloomers. Oh I also have a 3 ft high x 4 ft long x 1 ft wide HORSE TOPIARY planted with succulants. Does anyone have any suggestions for plants that would look good with the LUPINS and give me some late season colour and bloom? Thanks for your help


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lobotome(Calgary 3b ?)

I love the leaves of lupins they're so interesting so even when they're not in flower, I find them beautiful. Have you thought about putting in Western Bleeding Heart? They flower all summer long, they are usually a staple in my gardens. Sedum Autumn Joy is a great fall bloomer with pink flowers. What about letting a late blooming Clematis meander through your flowerbed? I've done that before. And don't forget those awesome wave petunias to fill in and spread around your bed as well.... just a few plants go a long way into putting impact in a garden because they spread so well. When I first saw those petunias years and years ago, they were selling them mainly as hanging basket plants. I instead decided to plant them in my garden proper and people would always stop by to ask what that pretty purple flower was in my garden :D .

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fernsk(z2 Canada)

Thanks for the ideas, I never thought of putting wave petunias into the ground - I've only seen them in pots - sometimes I don't think well outside "the box". What kind of clematis do you suggest that could "meander" - I like that thought - I'm testing a trellis of morning glories at the back - placed in a container 'cause they will take over my little space if I'm not careful. Thanks again


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