Shade annuals

fernsk(z2 Canada)April 27, 2007

I have a condominium [townhouse style] with a north facing front area looking onto a grass courtyard with some large trees. Immediately in front of my living room window there is an evergreen type tree - I've planted some hostas, ferns and ladies mantle and added some bergenia last year. This year I'm concentrating on creating my back yard [17 x 17.5 ft] rose/cottage garden so would like to just add some annuals in the front to fill in and avoid the weedy look. I had thought of impatients but wondered if anyone had ideas for some tall flowering plants, etc. The area does get maybe 3 hours of sun each day from the west and east and there is alot of reflected light in the courtyard. There is also an area between front steps and walks that is very weedy and the maintenance man would love it if I could put in some spreading ground covers that would range up to 1 ft. high - I put in a bergenia last year and some lamium and some lily of the valley. Help please


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How tall is tall?

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A lot of coleus get between a foot and one-and-a-half feet tall. Would that work?

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fernsk(z2 Canada)

Some of the area can have taller plants - up to 2 or 3 feet but eventually I would like plants at the "front" to be short and mat forming. The hostas are in and I have a tonne of Ferns in the background, some campanula, ladies mantle and I have a topiary horse named Ed who stands 3 ft at his head and is about 3 feet long. He is a moss filled wire frame and has been planted with shade loving plants including a few annual - Myrtel for his mane and tale, a really tiny black rock garden fern on his back and sides, Irish moss on his hips and chest. I was thinking that I could possibly put some of these plants at the front to continue the look?


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