Plants for 'Shady Sometimes'?

yellowbell(78728)April 1, 2005


I have a privacy fence and am trying to have a garden along it. The sides that I am making the garden along are east and west, so in the morning the east is shaded by the fence, and in the afternoon the west is shaded. So my question is, what kinds of plants will do well in this area? The ones that say "partial shade"? Or does partial shade kind of mean "dappled shade"? Are full sun plants totally out of the question, as well as shade loving plants like coleus and caladiums? I would appreciate any advice.

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janetr(Ottawa USDA 4a)

Yes, they are both partial shade. The side that gets morning sun should be able to take plants that prefer shade or partial shade. The side that gets afternoon sun should be able to take most plants that prefer sun or partial shade. Many shade lovers can handle more sun if they are kept moist. With a little trial and error, you should find out what works and what doesn't. If you have specific plants you'd like to try, ask about them and people will be able to share their specific experiences.

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Most common definitions of 'full sun' is 'more than 6 hours of sun' without specification, morning or evening. 'Part sun' is 3 to 6 hours, 'part shade' is 1 to 3 and 'full shade' is 1 hour or less.
How I understood your description , both sides either full sun or part-sun, not a part shade, but as Janet correctly pointed out, many shade lovers could take a lot of sun with adequate moisture.

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Thanks, both posts were very helpful. I never realized that definitions of sun, part sun, etc. included the number of hours of sunlight. That really helps me figure out what kind of plants each side can have. My neighborhood is new, and there aren't any tall trees, so the only areas of shade are along the fence.

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intheforest(4b Iowa)

I have a similar flowerbed but a little more shaded in AM and PM. Bergamonts, columbines, pansies, dianthus, spiderworts, lilies, hostas, allysum, toad lily, and 4:00 all grow very well for me.

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