Rooftop Greenhouse / Terrarium

chillmarkJune 1, 2008

Hi! I live in a rowhouse in Baltimore and I'd like to get a small garden started with herbs and whatnot. I have little room in my backyard and it doesn't get much sunlight anyway. My thought was to configure something small that I could build onto the rail of my rooftop a teeny greenhouse. I need something more structural than just pots because the winds can get pretty rough here. But the heat and sun on the deck should be great.

Any ideas on designs for something like this? I'm a noobie gardener so use little words and speak slow...

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I live in Cleveland in an apartment so I have no green space. I am using containers and it is working great. First figure out what you want to grow. Keep it small at first because you don't want to overwhelm yourself and you can always expand. Next get a few pots that are deep enough for want you want to grow. Peppers are easy to grow for a newbie. Also get some books that helped me alot, if you have any more questions I can try to answer them. You can check out my garden at,

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