Privacy screen in partial shade

anitjeApril 14, 2012

I have a 15-20' long space between my yard and my neighbor's in which I want to plant a privacy screen so that I don't have to look at the junk in his yard. The problem is the area gets a fair amount of shade.

Possibilities I am considering:

1. Pyramidal Yews. 2-3 trees. The 4' ones sell locally for about $135/tree.

2 Rhododendrons. The Roseum elegans variety have the tallest potential I have found. The 4' ones sell for about $125/plant. I figure I'd probably need aobut 3 plants.

3. Red twig or yellow twig dogwood. I have heard mixed things about how well this plant would do in partial shade. They sell locally for about $40/plant at about 4' height. I don't know how many I would need to plant...I assume they need to be planted fairly densely to provide good privacy.

I assume the twig dogwoods would be the fastest growing.

I know very little about this sort of thing, so I would like it to be relatively easy.

Please advise me as to what you think would be the best approach. If there are other plants you believe would better serve my purpose please let me know.

Thanks in advance,


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tsugajunkie z5 SE WI

How wide is the space?


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What about Kerria japonica? They aren't fussy plants & some cultivars will reach 10'.

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The space is about 4-5 ft wide.

I'll look into Kerria. Thanks, tsuga.....

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What about a fence with slats or let a climber go through the chainlink?

Kerria is slow growing for me and in a year has only grown a few feet.

Perhaps a native tree or shrub would grow faster. I'm from the west coast, so have no suggestions.

Red twig dogwood is a fast grower, but twiggy and bare in winter. Starts easily from hardwood cuttings.

Variegated elderberry is a nice accent, too.

Suggest if you create a hedge make it a mixed hedge. That way if one plant dies you can replace with anything you desire. A uniform hedge is always a lot more work to maintain and the odd spot out is a frustration. I've read a suggestion is to insert a pole with a birdhouse or leave the dead trunk and plant a climber 12" away to go up it.

Hope that helps

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