80 plant rack-2'x4'x6' space

georgeiiiJune 16, 2006

Yeah I got pictures. So first let me introduce myself. My Parental given name is George Davis, my Earth given name is Christian Warlock (Three Nuns gave me that name) I'm an Artist, Photographer, Capricorn, Humanist, Computer Child and Plant person. It's that plant person aspect out there that I'm looking to talk to. PCK UP DAYlastics have made a world of difference in the way we create in our world. Plastics allow us to create in a bottle any type of enviroment we wish to store. Food grade plastic as found in any recycling can in ANY NEIBORHOOD IN AMERICA ON PICK UP DAY. These containers with alittle hole punching and restricting of the neck can be made into little water recycling centers. I call it The Dark Garden Method.

Now the Garden Pods as I call them are made from 2 & 3 Liter bottles. The rack will hold 48 Bean plants. The space between the legs will hold 32 plants in trays- 2trays to a side 8 plants per tray. It was my thought to use 32 corn in the floor space. It could be 48 tomato plants, 48 brussel sprouts what ever and that makes 80 plants. Now I can put 21 different beans on this rack at a cost of $2.98 from the local market. I've got them sprouting now. Now I'll have to worry about bean crossing. As for the corn I'm growing 100 stalks now in a 3'x6' area. I may use 2 liters of water on them a day, but only on a few in the front. The ones in the back haven't been watered in a month.

I'll take another picture to update their growth if anyone's interested?

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RDogg(Z10 SFL)

Keeps the pics coming!

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cool idea. thanks for sharing.

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Here's another update on the rack.

It's growing nicely. I have 3 or 4 beans I never tried before. Black bean

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man, i love that idea. i will definatly steal that idea to grow some crops this fall. keep us posted on how everythings growing. i am amazed by your corn. i wanted to grow corn but i always said "i dont have room for 50-100 stalks of corn" looks like i was wrong.

inventive recycling + gardening = thats awesome.

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Well the frame is made from 1" PVC pipe. The structure here also serves as a light closet during the winter. With 6 -4 foot lights and three plywood shelves. It will produce more than 900 seedling every two weeks. During the summer it's a plant stand. Nothing's glued so it can be taken completly apart over and over. Cost with lights about $90. Now the thing that makes it all possible is the pods. If your interested I'll sent you the plans for a bottle and a simple mix. Make as many as you wish. All I ask is that you refer to it as the Dark Garden Method. Just refer to The Dark Garden in your email header.
Here's that same shot from a different angle

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I'm really enjoying these pictures, but slight editorial question -- is there anyway you can make the pictures smaller, or the text wrap around? Each entree is three rimes wider than my computer screen.

Or is that something on my end?

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I think it's on your end. The pictures are 1 meg and the word feature are part of the the GardenWeb composition program. Sorry

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username_5(banned for no reason)

look out folks, george has been busy spamming many forums with his 'garden pod'.

On the container forum he got his posts removed by the mods when he flat out refused to disclose how he was doing things, but instead informed us he would sell his method on ebay.

If you don't believe me, just ask him to explain in plain language how his method is done in a way that you can give it a try.

Better yet, ask him to show pictures of yields on his plants.

We asked him this in the container forum and he said that over the last 10 years he has used this method and accumulated many photos, but all photos (other than of a corn plant) showing yield mysteriously got deleted.

The guy is simply here to get you interested and will then only tell you how to do things if you pay him money.

Again, george, prove me wrong and provide details of your method in the forum in such a way others can give it a try.

This is the fourth forum I have invited you to tell us all how to do what you are doing and you have yet to do so - unless we pay you money.

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Haahaahaaa again this just too funny. Please follow me. Report me for giving an "IDEA" away that would (in his words)revolutionize gardening. I'm sorry I have no such ambitions. I'm looking to help those who are disabled. Tell me folks is there a gardener in you that your body won't let out. Do you get winded easily, had a stroke or accident that left you unable to lift that pick, swing that hoe or even push a shovel. With the pod method there's none of the things that will keep you from gardening. There's no bending over, no heavy lifting and everything you buy from your favorite gardening center. There's nothing to buy from me.
Now to make it feel better I promise you and everyone in the whole wide world I wonÂt ask for anything. I wonÂt even ask for your opinion...but please email for the design. Begin a healing process in your own garden built with your own hands from begining to finish. I bet you that five mintues after you make your first one you'll smile at how easy it was. You too username 5 this offer is for the mentally ill too.

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username_5(banned for no reason)

-- Report me for giving an "IDEA" away that would ---

So give it away already. This is the fourth forum I have found you spamming with your garden pod nonsense and you have yet to explain to anyone how to do it. When asked in the container forum you said you wouldn't give the info away for free, but sell it on ebay and then you got modded and your posts removed.

If you really want to give your knowledge away, there is nothing stopping you. Go ahead and post the details for everyone.

Again, you won't do it and it doesn't take a genius to understand why.

Oh, how easy it would be for you to prove me wrong and shut me up.

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um guys, i'll give it away. its 2l bottle with the tops chopped off, placed on somethign hot to curl the top plastic back down into the pot, and some holes burned into the bottom he is hanging them from a PVC structure. i doubt that you could grow most larger plants (tomatos, peppers, eggplant) to maturity using this method, but it could grow some mean herbs. the secret is revealed...

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