The Real Accidental Gardener

valentinetbear(z6 PA)July 7, 2008

Trying to stop squirrels from eating my tomatoes has had a couple of unexpected results. Last year, I discovered neither squirrels nor pigeons like pumpkin seeds, after finding a four foot vine growing when I returned from vacation. I can't kill plants on purpose, so replanted it, and spent a lot of time redirecting its path, so it didn't wander into neighbor's yards. (I only have a 16' X 16' concrete yard, so container gardening is not optional.) 3 ripe pumpkins gave us homegrown, sugar free, pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving, Christmas and after Christmas.

This year I tossed an uneaten acorn squash into our composter (large plastic trash can). I noticed a squirrel had started eating it, so figured they'd finish it off. Well, now the "composter" is my biggest container with 4-5' of acorn squash growth popping out the top, and now beginning to take over our steps and the tiny alleyway I have to get to, to turn on the spigot.

It's just flowering, and one is definitely female/spawning a squash. Can I trim it back? Or, more precisely, will it live when I DO trim it back? If it will live, any chance anyone have any helpful hints for the best way to trim it back? Maybe not such a good idea -- accidentally gardening. LOL

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tomncath(St Pete Z10a Heat 10)

Hi Valentine,

I like this forum as much as I like the Vertical Gardening forum but both are extremely under-utilized. You'll wait forever for a your question over at the Veggie forum and you'll get answers within 24 hours, otherwise don't hold your breath!

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