Vegetables in apartment

caismirtJuly 15, 2009

Hey all,

I'm living in a city and I've got a 7th floor apartment. Theres one area where theres a large window and inside it there is an area where there was flowers growing when I moved in.

The area inside the window is about 8 foot long, 1 foot wide and 4 feet deep. Think a trough like structure.

Outside the window is another shelf type thing where I could potentially put some containers on.

Basically I would like to grow some kind of vegetables or herbs.

So ...

1. Is this enough space for ... well anything ? Would you bother ?

2. What would you recommend growing ? I was hoping I could grow small potatoes, tomatoes (if there was enough sun), onions etc.

Maybe some garlic ? Does garlic need a lot of sun/time ?

3. What are my best options for vegetables/herbs ? I'd like to have something growing all the time or at least I would like to make my small space productive.

Thanks very much.

p.s > I have removed the flowers from the aforementioned area but left the soil. Is there any need/reason to replace this soil or can I just shove some fertilizer into it ?

What I mean is, the soil is from the last occupant and I don't know what kind of chemicals etc she used on her flowers etc. Just checking if I need to change it.

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

Yes, you need to change the soil. One of the most important factors in a good container medium is the texture, which should be very coarse. Peat-based potting mixes break down, even over a single season, becoming more and more fine-textured. This makes it very difficult for the root system to access plenty of oxygen.

You've told us nothing about the amount of sunlight this space receives. About the only vegetables and herbs that do NOT require full outdoor sun (or the equivalent in artificial lighting) are some of the leafy lettuces. And even they require quite a bit of sun.

I assume that this indoor planter doesn't drain, correct? 4 feet is certainly very deep for a planter! I'll bet that it has higher bottom built in.

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I have veggies sitting on my balcony ledge. So far I have 2 varieties of tomatoes, basil, bell peppers, as well as iceland poppies and gerber daisies. What direction is your apartment facing? I have a west facing balcony and so far everything gets plenty of sun from noon until about 6. To be honest when I shop I ask for advice from the people who work there. I'm partial to Bonnie brand plants and Miracle Gro Moisture control soil because it does so well keeping my plants well watered. Other than that I'm just winging it. Here is a picture of my first garden:

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Cabbage will grow in less light than other vegetables and in a nice 1 foot by 1 foot pot, peppermint and spearmint are small and will grow just about anywhere, and consider anything in a vine variety what ever it is you want to grow because they use less soil. Maybe consider growing herbs like oregano, basil, etc,. Just look at the chia pets! They can grow in the house and all they are are herb seeds. Good luck!

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Probably will need fresher soil. Since you are interested in eating what you grow you don't want to be eating god knows what.

What you can grow depends all on light. West and southern windows get the most light with north getting the worst. Good thing is a florescent light supplement is fairly easy to set up.

So, if you get great light (6 or so hours of direct sun) try to grow whatever will fit.

If the light is ok, I'd try mints (in pots!! they spread!) strawberries, chives, oregano and similar light needs plants.

Low light herbs... might be able to do chives. Culantro (not cilantro) is a low light herb.

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hey growing or planting vegetables in apartment is really a good job and one should do this in order to be more knowledgable about plantation and vegetables.....

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have you guys used any indoor planting products?

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