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dirtygardener73(9a)August 17, 2011


I'm in Florida, and usually always post there, but I just moved to an apartment, so I only have a tiny space to garden now, and NO sun at all! I'm going to try to grow a few shade-tolerant veggies, and am looking into ways to utilize space. I have a 5x8 patio, and most of my plants will be hung up. I'm going to string some wire on the sunniest end and try to grow pole beans there, because I heard they do well in partial shade. We'll see. I'm also looking at doing some pallet gardens for lettuce and small greens. I can just prop those up against the wall.

I do have one long, shady space under my windows, but there are a lot of roots there. The grounds manager says that if I plant something there, she will give me mulch, but it will have to be something that doesn't need much root space. I'm looking at maybe doing mulch and containers there, or build it up with leaves, which are very plentiful in the fall.

That area will get a little more sunlight in the fall and winter, because it is under mostly deciduous trees, but it does get cold here in north-central FL, so anything I plant there will have to be cold hardy.

I do have some rather large expanses of wall on that side, so I'd like to grow some shade-tolerant vines. We have coral vines and Virginia creeper growing wild, but I'd really like something with nice blooms. Is there a clematis that tolerates deep shade? I know coral honeysuckle does, and we have hummingbirds here, that's why I was thinking about that or the coral vine.

Any suggestions would be welcome. My apartment faces north.

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Tiffany, purpleinopp GardenWeb, Z8b Opp, AL

Hi. Welcome to gardenweb. Sorry nobody closer to you has had anything to say. Hope it's going well. I don't know of any shade-loving vines but the lower the latitude, the more powerful the sun is. There is also a FL forum you might want to visit if you haven't already, and/or check out the clematis forum for discussions about sun/shade tolerance.

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