bottomless containers on concrete in school garden, Help!

mandm_schoolAugust 28, 2010

I am new to this forum so please bear with me.

I am running a school garden that is in the middle of a quad area. It is 5 beds (3 x 6 foot and 11inch deep) wood with no bottoms. They sit on concrete. They were previously lined with landscape fabric but this has posed a problem with far too much water loss. So this year we lined with plastic with drainage holes cut into it and now I have the major problem of putting soil back.

Unfortunatly the soil I found at the bottoms and realy for most of the container was construction leftovers. It has rocks, and is realy dense.

Can I amend it with vermiculite or moss? Or do I have to start over with potting mix?

Any advice would be helpful.

I will post pictures shortly.


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My guess is that the folks in the Container Gardening area would be able to help you in case you don't get the answers you need in this forum.

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Why don't you add bottoms? Buy plywood (they may even cut it to size for you at lumber yard/store), drill 1/2 in holes, add landscape fabric if you like, elevate it with some old bricks, (distributed to support the weight of the bottom/dirt). I think that would solve the problem....

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