trying to find a special watering can

jmac2February 17, 2003

i've been searching for a special watering can for a long time.

the can is made of white translucent plastic, and holds 1-2 quarts. it has a very long and narrow spout, and a filling hole and molded integral handle on the top. it comes with several dark green plastic attachments that can be slid over the end of the spout to change pouring characteristics. mine is barely usable due to age and damage.

this is the best watering can i've seen for dealing with germinating seeds, small transplants, and medium transplants in peat pots due to its long reach, narrow spout, translucent body, and pouring accessories, and i can't find anything like it on the internet or in current catalogs. in fact, a recommendation from a garden supply company on how to find it is the reason i joined garden web.

thanks for your help.

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komi(z7/8 DC)

Could it be a Haws watering can? Most of them come with attachments. I haven't seen one in white translucent plastic, though. Smith and Hawken carries a few models - I know I've seen them elsewhere, as well. Just do a search for Haws on their website.

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Hi jmac,
I have a watering can like you describe in bright yellow plastic that I found at Wal-Mart a few months ago. I raise orchids from the flask and it is really nice for a gentle watering pattern. I think I left the label on it and can try to find the manufacturer if you have not had any luck findidng one yet. Let me know and I can explore. It is down in my "plant room" and requires going outside to get to.
Best regards,

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tlfloore(z8 FL)

i am looking for the same pot! my husband and I have 2 but we need several more for other locations. I will try Haws and get back.

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mom_105(Z3 CentMN)

Try Lee Valley: they have haws watering cans....

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gordonhawk(7/ NYC)

oh.. it sounds like tha Ikea watering can.. except it doesn't have any attachments for the spout... they come in a variety of colors.. all molded plastic... can't find them on their site... if you go to seasonal.. ans click on the flower iconit takes you to summer icon.. which has a little animation of a figure with can in shadow .. their can looks just like the shadowed one.. and comes in a variety of colors.. although this can isn't listed on their page... Gordon

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Red_G7(Brooklyn, NY)

Has anyone found that whitish translucent can? It's definitely not a Haws can. It really is a great can...and, so far, impossible to find. If anybody knows where to get it, please let me know.

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bonsai_max(Z13 AZ)

I think the watering can you are looking for is a Bemis Alive & Well multi-purpose watering can, Part No. 5834290. My current one has a bar code number of 1361665540 if that is of any help. It holds 3.0 liters of water. I have had several and like them a lot. However,I too, am not able to find one to buy. If anyone locates a source, I would be interested to hear about it.

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kimmienflorida(Z 8 Tallahassee)

I'm finding it difficult overall finding Bemis products. I too have that exact watering can and don't seem to see it anymore for sale. I've really liked the Bemis self watering planters which I use to be able to find them at Target, Lowe's etc but not anymore. I've only been able to find one size of these planters at Johnny's Seeds.

I had been looking for a bigger but nice and sturdy water can (plastic) but I didn't like any of the ones in the Wal-Marts or even local nurseries. They look cheap and flimsy. I receieved an email from Gardeners Supply last week advertising a sale on the blue french watering can that holds 3 gal of water (yippee!) and has this tremendous rosette watering spout attachment. I ordered two for about $20 a piece and am in love with them!!


Here is a link that might be useful: Gardeners Supply

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camfoto(z8 WA)

I too used to have that can until my boyfriend accidently broke the spout. Has anyone found a source for these yet? I too just joined to get info on this particular can. Thanks, cammie

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camfoto(z8 WA)

I think the reason none of us can find these cans anymore is that Bemis sold the mold for the can. Let's hope whoever bought it will start making them again.

scroll down a few pages to see the coveted can.

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juadro1(z5 Eastern Utah)

I'm as camfoto is ... hoping what Bemis of Canada made as product 599 7030 [same bar code as that posted above by bonsai max], "Delux Watering Can, Arrosoir de Luxe, Cubo de Lojo para Regar" will become available, again!

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peter_rabbit(z9 So. Calif.)

Does anybody know if this watering can is back on market? It really is the best watering can. My dog damaged the one I have. Grrrr....

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I realize these posts are all quite old, but I've had my Bemis can part no 599 7030 watering can for a long time. Did anyone ever find out if they are still available? If yes, where can we get them? My lab pup chewed the spout on mine. I am so bummed. It is by far the best watering can for seedling I've ever used. Thank in advance if you respond to this post!

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Folks, if they no longer make the can, it's time to accept the fact and move forward. Haws is well known for exceptional watering cans. Look for them.. they have multiple rosettes (the attachments at the end of the nozzle) for different sprays. Someone provided a source above.

Who knows? You may even like it better.


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I just had a customer come in looking for a Bemis Alive and Well Watering Can, manufacturer number #655-040, UPC# 0 13616 65540 3. This is a 3 quart can. I last sold these in 2002. I called Bemis and was told that they were no longer manufacturing garden supplies under the name Bemis Gardenware or patio furniture under the name Bemis Casual Furniture.

Contact Information for Bemis is:

Bemis Manufacturing
300 Mill Street
P.O. Box 901
Sheboygan Falls, WI 53085-0901

Phone: 800-558-7651 or 920-467-4621
Fax: 920-467-8573

Sorry to deliver bad news. Maybe someone bought the mold?

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It's now 2011, and still in hope, I sent this message to Bemis Co. today:



C.H. Shirley
-------, GA, speaking for gardeners everywhere...

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